What will the next iteration of Windows become?

Ah, you say, why on earth start talking about the next version of Windows, we are still using Windows XP?Windows XP Penguin

Really, but XP was launched about 12 years ago and is destined for the scrapheap in short order, and since then we have had Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 plus Windows RT and Windows Pro, the last two for the newer devices like smartphones and tablets.

You’d think that

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Microsoft’s ‘Surface Pro’ Tablet finally emerging

surface_proYou may remember that Microsoft came out with their long awaited tablet ‘Surface’ back in October and it was thought to be the answer to our dreams, a tablet that would provide the cross over from phone to tablet to Pc using identical operating system. Well that was the idea, but

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2013 – A private look at the year ahead in computing

Last YearLast year for SeniorNet Kapiti was kind of cathartic, liberating and energizing and sending us in modernizing directions whilst maintaining the focus on our main purpose, that of improving the knowledge and skills in computing and communicating for our members.

That will not change for 2013.

But the very media we use – the computer and the proliferating number of communication devices – will see many new and wondrous gadgets coming to market.

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Windows 8 – The killer application

Windows 8 on the big screen!When I asked my son, who is an avid Apple fan, what he thought of Microsoft’s killer application, the new Window 8 operating system, he went very quiet and then pointed out that his opinion of Microsoft’s OS software till now had been less than enthusiastic [nightmarish, actually] and felt that both Google and Apple had scored home runs to the detriment of Microsoft.

Till now.

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Battle of the tablets – Windows8 v. iPad

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Strange as it may sound after all the hype we have been exposed to with the recent launch of the latest iteration of Apple’s iPad tablet, the US based Boston Consulting Group has completed a study to see which was the preferred operating system for tablets, and surprise, surprise it is Windows8 that holds sway.

The iOS operating system used by Apple comes second and followed a fair way down the list of the other systems available on tablet from various manufacturers.

To check on the reliability of the findings it is noted that a poll conducted earlier this year by Forrester also revealed a preference for Microsoft Windows as an operating system on a tablet. As Windows8 is close to hitting the market the tablet market better be prepared for an interesting shift.


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