Microsoft’s Taking Away My Ice Cream!

I have a theory that you should never give an ice cream to a child and then try to take it back again! Why? Do I really need to explain? No, I didn’t think so!

Well our dear friends at Microsoft don’t seem to know about my Ice Cream Theory and they have just announced that they are going to strip away some of the free OneDrive Storage that they gave us in the past and drop us all back to 5Gb. Now this isn’t a political forum so I won’t get started on how I feel about this but suffice it to say I am VERY pleased to be able to describe to you how to prevent this unfair and unreasonable behavior! If you have OneDrive Storage you should read on… Continue reading

Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free

World-Wide-Web-browsing ☛ Read the "Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free" post

“Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free. Gain more web-browsing satisfaction from your modern, safe, fast, and free, web-browser in-use and experience your on-line life-style in high fidelity ~ the way technology means for you to thrive on the world-wide-web.”

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Going Cloud ~ Goodbye Desktop?

Cloud Babble ☛ Read the 'Going Cloud ~ Goodbye Desktop?' post

“Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a metered service over a network (typically the Internet).”

Urging boomers to engage and reap the digital flow. A personal perspective.

So you’re in a bind. Your Microsoft Windows ☛ XP or ☛ Vista machine (computer) is running at max (CPU and maybe RAM) power and the waiting is bothersome. Irksome even. That old steam-powered, scrapyard ☛ ready, desktop clunker that cost you a fat fortune back in the day is too slow. Hardware is to blame. What to do? Continue reading