The Waiting is Over – It’s Time to Upgrade!

Confession: I’m a Windows 10 fan! I’ve been using it since September 2015 and I have absolutely no complaints about it. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, packed with features and 100% better than Windows 8….and it was free! I even like MS Edge, the new browser – how sad is that!! Of course there are a few things which could be improved in Windows 10 but that’s nothing unusual for Microsoft software and certainly not cause to criticise what appears to be the most robustly created Windows Operating System ever. Heck, it even runs well on older ex-Windows 7 machines with 2Gb memory.

What really concerns me though is that the July 29th free upgrade deadline is fast approaching and there are still a lot of members out there who haven’t upgraded for whatever reason. Continue reading

My New BFF – Siri!

By Dianne Cooper (Tutor)
If you use an iPad3, iPad mini, iPhone 4S or iPod Touch 5G, or any of their successors, you have Siri on board.  Siri is a voice assistant feature. Apple Support/About Siri, will provide you with pages about what Siri can be used for, and how to do it. Here’s a brief review of one user’s experience…

IMG_1180Siri allows you to use your voice to command the device, rather than your fingers. Supposedly, Siri understands natural speech. S/he needed some familiarization with my Kiwi accent. I did this by dictating an email (which I never sent), correcting the text manually when s/he got it wrong. Over and over. If you want punctuation in your text, you have to say the word. eg comma. I find the more I use Siri, the fewer mistakes s/he makes.

The main way to access Siri is to simply press and hold the Home button. You’ll hear a couple of quick beeps, and see “What can I help you with?”. If you don’t say anything, you will be presented with a rolling screen of examples of things Siri can do for you. Continue reading

Using WiFi at Home

wi-fi fon hotspot base station

If you use Use WiFi at home for your computers or a combination of tablets/ smartphones/ computers then you are well aware of the importance of having a secure and private setup at your house.

Just to check that you have taken the necessary steps take a few minutes to read this article by Google and view the short video attached, and even if you are not sure you have got it right there is always SeniorNet Kapiti to turn to at their Q&A sessions for some extra advice.

Wi-Fi Signal logo

Click here for the article and video


The Android Tablet computer

If you read our previous post about buying a tablet to match your requirements you have by now decided what kind and which operating system you’d like.

English: Zinglife 7" Android Tablet

And if you decided on an Android OS tablet then the next step of course is to learn how to use it for best advantage. May be you have already been in touch with Kapiti SeniorNet about this or you have had a look at our ‘Learn on-line’ page where you’d find a video course on using an Android tablet.

There is also the iPad tablet course for self learning as well as many other useful links to spoil you for choice.

Happy computing.

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GIMP is free, image manipulation, desktop application software

Update 05.’12. And GIMP 2.8 is done. Yay 🙂
GIMP 2.8 is done
Latest news from the official GIMP home-page. Including GIMP 2.8 release notes and GIMP download linkage and the official GIMP roadmap. And unofficially the web-sphere is buzzing with latest GIMP 2.8 news, views and reviews including Bring out the GIMP! GIMP 2.8.0 Final ~ download for Windows. [Update 05.’12. And ~ download for Mac OS X.] Hands-on testing the GIMP 2.8 and it’s new single-window interface. Six good reasons to try GIMP 2.8. GIMP 2.8 image software adds single-window mode.

And now we return to your all-about-GIMP introduction . .

Gimp Logo ☛ Read the 'GIMP is free, image manipulation, desktop application software' post

“Wilbur is the official GIMP mascot. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.”

“Meet Wilbur GIMP.”

Allow us to quickly fill you in on Wilbur GIMP’s life and times, to-date. Ahem.

GIMP explained with back-story and history (including linkage @ is the BOSS a FOSS ☛ Free Open Source Software (explained, including linkage @, desktop application, image retouching and editing tool, available for use by everyone on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and more computer operating systems.

Remind me. How’d you get that name again, Wilbur? GIMP.

GIMP was originally released as the General Image Manipulation Program and has since become GNU Image Manipulation Program. Continue reading