Brexit, Brains, Computers

I remember IIThe last few days have been daunting for the voters of Britain. We are yet to see what the effect of the result will have for us here in New Zealand, but clearly the changes required to be put in place both in Europe, that is the remaining 27 countries, and in England, and also in Scotland and Northern Ireland, will be substantial.

It was interesting to note that difference between the various generations in voting pattern and how voting for a large proportion of the voting public disregarded facts and was simply a vote against the status quo and against politicians, bankers and corporates.

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I remember II
I had written him a text
Which I’d sent, hoping the next
Time he came in mobile coverage
He’d have time to say hello.
But I’d heard he’d lost his iPhone,
So I emailed him from my smart phone,
Just addressed, on spec, as follows:
And the answer redirected
Wasn’t quite what I’d expected
And it wasn’t from the shearing mate
Who’d answered once before.
His ISP provider wrote it
And verbatim I will quote it:

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Kapiti Expressway – Keeping Up With Progress

Are you fully informed about what’s probably the biggest construction project we’ll ever see on the Kapiti Coast? Did you know that there’s an excellent newsletter produced every month for those who are interested in what’s happening?

M2PP LogoIn my view, the M2PP (MacKays to Peka Peka) Consortium is doing a superb job of keeping the public informed about everything they’re doing and getting involved in and they’re using modern technology to ensure that their communication reaches everyone in the community. Continue reading