2018-19 Executive Committee

Executive Committee of SeniorNet Kapiti Inc for the year to 31/3/2019 are:

Teresa Urutia 2015


Teresa Urutia




Sue Connor
Secretary & Tutor Coordinator



Erik Thorsing



Brian Milne 2015


Brian Milne
Immediate Past Chairman, iOS Tablets,
Marketing & Newsletter



Elaine Hopewell
Enrolments Coordinator



Barry Bailey 2015


Barry Bailey
Facilities Coordinator



Veronica Kemp 2015

Veronica Kemp
Membership Coordinator



Peter Thomson 2015


Peter Thomson
Technical Officer & Office Administrator



Pat Stephens 2015


Patrick Stephens
Android Tablets



Peter Jones 2015


Peter Jones



Jim Heron 2015


Jim Heron
Committee Member



Peter Bunkall 2015


Peter Bunkall
Deputy Chairman, Course Development
WebMaster & OneDrive Administrator



Summary of Assigned Roles (and backups) for 2018-19



Responsibility Committee Member Backup
Chairperson Teresa Urutia Peter Bunkall
Deputy Chairperson Peter Bunkall
Secretary Sue Connor Jim Heron
Treasurer Erik Thorsing
Immediate Past Chairman Brian Milne
Facilities Coordinator Barry Bailey Jim Heron
Office Administrator Peter Thomson Sue Connor
Veronica Kemp
Membership Coordinator Veronica Kemp Teresa Urutia
Tutor Coordinator Sue Connor Veronica Kemp
Course Development Peter Bunkall Peter Jones
Enrolment Coordinator Elaine Hopewell Teresa Urutia
Marketing Coordinator Brian Milne Barry Bailey
Technical Officer Peter Thomson Peter Bunkall
WebMaster Peter Bunkall Erik Thorsing
OneDrive Administrator Peter Bunkall Ian McLuckie
Android Tablets Patrick Stephens Teresa Urutia
iOS Tablets Brian Milne Vicky Cleaver
Snap Peter Jones Erik Thorsing
Newsletter Brian Milne Barry Bailey