The end of Microsoft Vista!

I want to draw everyone’s attention to the following article (below) which reports the end of Vista support in 2 months time – that’s April 2017! By definition this also means that Vista starts to become vulnerable to security attacks after that date.

windows-vista-logo xp-logoAny of our members who are still running either Windows XP or Windows Vista (connected to the Internet) are strongly advised to consider upgrading their PCs at the earliest opportunity. We do understand that for some people the costs are difficult to deal with but if you purchase new equipment around the big holidays (Easter is the next opportunity) you can get very good bargains. It’s also worth bearing in mind that even the cheapest laptop (<$500) is vastly more powerful (ie faster) than any XP or Vista machine you might own today so you do not have to spend vast sums of money. Why not drop into SeniorNet to one of our How Do I…? Workshops and discuss options with one of our tutors. You may even find that a humble tablet can meet your computing needs (eg email and Skype).

The link to the article is here