New Year to be delayed

Once again New Year is to be delayed, but just by one second in order to synchronize our time pieces with the atomic clock in Paris.


Like last year the count-down will click from 23.59.59 to 23.59.60 and only then to 24.00.00 thus adding an extra second before you can wish your friends a Happy New Year.

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The wonderful technology

I remember IIA long time ago, or to be more exact, in the years 469 to 399, there lived an early classical Greek philosopher by the name of Socrates who has been credited with being one of the founders of Western philosophy. He also had a pupil named Plato and both Master and pupil expressed their opposition to writing because it would “create forgetfulness in learner’s souls because they will not use their memories”.

Since then the same may have been said about printing using our inkjets or laser printers, listening to radio, education generally, watching TV, using computing devices, email, Facebook and Google and other similar brain rotting technology as writing was seen as.

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