TV time Extra

ChannelsAt the request of one of our readers who asked for more information on uses of new TV, extra features and attachments to TV, I have compiled a few lines of info which may well turn out to be more than you’d wished for. It should be noted that On-Line available material can also be viewed on a TV with the right attachment, see later. You may be surprised at the mass of entertainment available to you on-line nowadays.

Below I have listed 3 categories. i.e. “Free of charge”, “Pay per view” and “Subscription based”. Have fun.
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TV time

ultra-tvDid you enjoy your Christmas break and given the uncertain weather how about all the reruns on the TV for your entertainment?

With a new up to the minute TV you would at least have had great viewing from a purely visual aspect of the programmes offered, but if not what should we be looking for in our next TV to get the best picture?


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Newsletter for December 2016

christmas-decos-1As this year winds down and we look forward to celebrating Christmas, lets also celebrate another successful year at SeniorNet. We now have 360 members and our Courses and Workshops fill each week. Everyone says that every time they go to SeniorNet, they learn something new and with the new technologies forever coming out, we owe it to ourselves to keep up. No excuses!

My thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way as a Committee member, as a Tutor and as a student to making our Learning Centre the ‘go to place’ for Seniors to learn and enjoy each other’s company.

christmas-tree-2016The New Year begins with Open Days at the Learning Centre on Thursday 9th February and also on Saturday 11th February. Make a note to come along to enrol for the 2017 Term 1 Courses which start the week of Monday 13th February. Our web site gives you the Course and Workshop Programme for the first term so why not have a look now, and contact Teresa (04) 298 5132 to put your name down for the Course of your choice.

The various workshops including How do I, Q&A, iPad, iPhone, Android, Skype, TradeMe, and Google always have something to offer.

Tutors Morning Tea

The Tutors Morning Tea will be held at Peter and Chris Bunkall’s home on Wednesday 8th February at All Tutors and their partners are very welcome. More details in the New Year!

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season.

Course Bookings

Bakelight_telephoneTo enrol in your chosen course, please call Teresa at (04) 298 3132

Enrol today for one of our classes or click to see our Course Timetable. Remember also that we have reduced charges for any member wishing to repeat a course. Click here to see all our course costs.



The charge for our regular Workshops is $5.00 per session. Remember that we run Q&A, iPad and Android tablet/phones Workshops each month and no prior booking is required. Click to see our Workshop and Special Interest Group (SIG) Timetable. If you’ve already completed a Course and need some additional help to clarify a few points we are, as always, delighted to help at one of our regular How Do I…? Workshops where the charge varies depending on how long we spend helping you.

Tutors and Assistant Tutors Wanted

We always need tutors and assistant tutors so please contact Kuini at if you’re interested in assisting next year. We have a documented training strategy for new Tutors so you’ll always be supported while learning new skills.  It’s a great opportunity to keep up with all the latest advances in the computer world. Tutors also need to keep themselves up-to-date, so why not enrol in a course or put your name down to assist on an upcoming course.

Merry Christmas

Chairman Brian

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2017 Tech – A private view

predictions-2017During the past year, many tech subjects have been covered on this website, some were good news, others may have given cause for concern, but in the world of technology amazing things will always happen. Of most concern has been the speed at which some innovations have moved, the disruption caused, the robotics, the artificial intelligence impact on society, and so are we likely to see more of the same for 2017?

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