Clarke’s third Law and a bit of Magic

clarke-s-first-law‘Clarke’ refers to Arthur C Clarke, the British SciFi writer, who formulated 3 adages commonly known as ‘Clarke’s three laws’ of which the third law is the best known and most widely cited: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.

It first appeared back in 1973 in one of his essays and as for the ‘magic’ he later said that while he “would have believed anyone who told him back in 1962 that there would one day exist a book-sized object capable of holding the content of an entire library, he would never have accepted that the same device could find a page or word in a second and then convert it into any typeface and size”.

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Is Moore’s Law still valid?


At this point you might say ‘Why should I care?’, after all Moore’s law – the one about the number of components that could be crammed into a computer chip doubling every year – and as a result making our computers faster and more capable, has been incredibly empowering for the making of our computing devices.

The ‘law’ was first mooted in 1965 by Gordon Moore, who by the way is one of Intel’s [the chip makers] founders. He later changed that statement to ‘every two years’, and we have seen it becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.
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Newsletter for February 2017

SeniorNet Kapiti – New Term & Open Days

The new term begins with Open Days at the Learning Centre on Thursday 9 February and also on Saturday 11 February, between 10am to 2.00pm on both days.  Why not come along to the Open Days and tell us your challenges so we can match you up with a course to tailor to your needs.

Course Bookings

To enrol in your chosen course, please call Teresa at (04) 298 3132.

Enrol today for one of our classes or click to see our Course Timetable on our website. Remember also that we have reduced charges for any member wishing to repeat a course. Click here to see all our course costs on our website.


The charge for our regular Workshops is $5.00 per session. Remember that we run Q&A ($2), iPad and Android tablet/phones Workshops each month and no prior booking is required. Click to see our Workshop and Special Interest Group (SIG) Timetable on our website. If you’ve already completed a Course and need some additional help to clarify a few points we are, as always, delighted to help at one of our regular
How Do I…? Workshops where the charge varies depending on how long we spend helping you.

New Workshop:  Downloading music to your computer

Monday 3 April at 9:30am (Limited to 15 places – sorry, no walk-ups!)

Come along to this workshop and you’ll learn how to download your favourite music from the internet to your computer. Legally and for free.

couple-listening-to-musicOnce you’ve downloaded it you can just listen to it whenever you want, while you check your emails, surf the internet, or whatever! Or perhaps you’ll want to copy it on to a CD or USB stick so that you can play it in your car.

If you’re interested in this new Workshop, be one of the first 15 people to book with Teresa on (04) 298 3132

NB: You can also copy the music from your PC or laptop to your tablet or smartphone. This will be covered later in the regular smartphone (Android and iPhone/iPad) workshops.

Tutors and Assistant Tutors Wanted

We always need tutors and assistant tutors so please contact Kuini at and she will discuss the options with you. Join our friendly and supportive group and bring your ideas forward for discussion. After every meeting members are heard to say… I wish I had known that… easy when you know how… I need to do the course.  Experienced senior/lead tutors are there to train you to become assistant tutors and this is also a great opportunity to keep up with all the latest advances in the computer world. Tutors also need to keep themselves updated so enrol in a course or go along as an assistant tutor.


Please support our sponsors: Noel Leeming, Vodafone, Westpac Bank and Grey Power. Remember to take your SeniorNet card with you as substantial discounts are given on most items at Noel Leeming.

Have fun computing

Chairman Brian

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What an exciting future

rise-of-aiSo much is going on out there in the computing world that has huge effects on how we’ll live our life, and on how we see privacy, and what constitutes democracy, and worse, that the inevitable changes will happen faster than we are really ready for.

Fasten your seatbelt and come with me on a little tour of history.

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