Google Sites is free, web-page authoring and publishing, web-application software

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“Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share web pages and is
powerful enough for a company Intranet, yet simple enough for a family website.”

Deeper in to our EMPIRE Google ☛ adventure we are exploring Google ☛ Sites which “is a free and easy way to create and share web pages” in your web-browser (e.g. Google ☛ Chrome) providing you with online, anytime, web page creation, sharing, and storage ~ anywhere you have Internet access. “Google Sites is powerful enough for a company Intranet, yet simple enough for a family website.”

“Google Sites is a structured wiki- and web page-creation tool offered by Google as part of the Google Apps Productivity suite. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.” ☛ @

More linkage of Google ☛ Sites related general interest is also available toward and at the bottom of the Google ☛ Sites explained @ page, including Google ☛ Sites official web-site and useful and informative independently supporting external web linkage. Google ☛ Sites official blog has moved since April ’09. Here’s one more comprehensive Google ☛ Sites profile with linkage @ including video, for the web-content creators and publishers among you.

The Google introduction to Google ☛ Sites video (embedded vid below).

And more Google ☛ Sites videos by Google are available in the YouTube ☛ right hand side-bar.

Now you have the history and original purpose of Google ☛ Sites you can learn more at Google ☛ Sites overview including videoGoogle ☛ Sites offer security measures enabling you to safely share editing access and privately or publicly view your web pages in a web-browser. Google ☛ Sites is a useful free opportunity to host, maintain and update your web-content pages over-time and link to all content in the navigation menu. Google ☛ Sites meets the particular needs of some web-page content publishers and shares commonalities with other notable free web hosting services ☛ compared @ wikipedia.orgGoogle ☛ Sites has close free competition and ranks well by comparison @ At SeniorNet Kapiti we use Word ☛, another free web publishing and hosting offering that operates in-part the same as Google ☛ Sites and provides additional features we use. Google ☛ Blogger is the most similar Google free alternative to Word ☛ and provides a possible Google upgrade path from Google ☛ Sites.

The Google Sites ☛ support domain includes “Get started”, “How to”, “Fix a problem”, and more resources including Google Sites ☛ Forum and Google Sites ☛ overview. Useful Google ☛ Sites supporting info is available on the wordy web too, including more supporting independent web-sites Google ☛ Sites ExamplesGoogle ☛ Sites templates, assets and tips and more Google ☛ Sites templates. Or you may want to begin with a blank ☛ page.

Templates are useful first-time training-wheels but you can have your own ideas about the look and feel of your web-site and may choose to go your own way. Perhaps with the help of an experienced Google ☛ Sites designer who happens to make Google ☛ Sites video tutorials on YouTube.

More Google ☛ Sites video tutorials on YouTube (embedded vid below).

10 myths about Google ☛ Sites debunked and dispelled @

Google ☛ Sites is able to insert Google ☛ Picasa Web Albums images as shown by Steegle ☛ Google Sites – Picasa Web Album Integration including instructions and video – all by an acknowledged Google ☛ Sites Forum Top Contributor who also made Google ☛ Sites video tutorials on YouTube and who is one of the useful and informative independently supporting external web linkages listed under External Links on the Google ☛ Sites explained @ page.

Remember we addressed the matter of the safety and security of your data (i.e. digital files and content) in the Google cloud on our Google Mail ☛ (i.e. Gmail) page.

Yup, Google ☛ Sites is worthy of your consideration among free web-page hosting service providers. I do use Google ☛ Sites for a personal and private web-site (of web-pages) and have book-marked Google ☛ Sites for another future re-publishing project that may become an imperative over the longer term depending upon rules changes by the existing free provider.

Mean-time and for now, unleash the creative within you and work-over Google ☛ Sites to your own satisfaction – it’s free and easy :-).

What’s the latest news about Google Sites ☛ Google Search?

And remember Google Sites ☛ official blog features the latest updates from Google.

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The EMPIRE Google ☛ collection introduces selected free Google services and
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3. Google Mail (Gmail) . . . ☛ SNK EMPIRE Google page 3 
4. Google Picasa . . . . . . ☛ SNK EMPIRE Google page 4 
5. Google Sites. . . . . . . ☛ SNK EMPIRE Google page 5 ✔
6. Concluding GoogleFest . . ☛ SNK EMPIRE Google page 6 

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