Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows?

Final Update 03.’14. No more Lonely Boy :-) Concluding the truthful tale → . .

Update 06.’12. WWDC 2012 opens June 11 until June 15 (in San Francisco) and you can follow along the latest announcements, updates, and developments live with The ☛ Verge.

Crikey, crikey, crikey. Apple be testing my soul. Neither iMac announcements nor word of any iMac updates and developments. Yup, it’s time for a musical interlude . . with  love.

Telling the truthful tale of a father (he, his and him) and son’s (I, me and mine) potential computing reconciliation after a dozen years’ difference of opinion including a decade-long back-story featuring epic arguments, heated disagreements, occasional truce, rare admissions, and 11th hour, last-minute cold-feet – where any and all personal detail shall remain permanently private. A mix of fact and indeed personal opinion (mine). An informal (hard-)case study – in pieces.

Windows to Mac ☛ Read the 'Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows?' post

“Wherein a life-long Windows user reconsiders his (computing) position.”

The word came from above, and it was good.

“I want a new computer . . Apple ☛ Mac.” “You do?” “I do.”

Jumping ship from Microsoft to Apple (i.e. switching from windows ☛ to mac) at his esteemed age is a mentionable, mile-stone, life-decision. Never too late to learn new tricks, and never too old mature to have the best. Yes, the best. The best everyday personal computing experience available to the ordinary Kiwi. Opinion is mine.

We are an evenly balanced, equal-opportunity, computing house-hold with two Windows PCs in use by the mature generation and two Apple PCs in use by the younger generations. A household maybe about to be skewed – toward Apple computers.

Why? What’s the story?

One Windows ☛ Vista glitch too far. The operating system software, not the hardware, is the for-ever problem here – imploding with painfully monotonous regularity. Enough with the ceaseless remedial patches and under-hood tinkering just to, hopefully, nurse the operating system through the end of that day. Tomorrow’s for-ever OS maintenance yet to come. Best option is to re-install the OS and start-over – again. Nope – not again. Cease and desist. Meh.

Windows ☛ 8? Nope. Time is up – time is now. Windows ☛ 7? Nope. Can’t upgrade his existing high quality brand-name Vista certified machine without buying new hardware – again. Not certified for Windows 7 and missing hardware manufacturer’s proprietary softwares to specifically guarantee a return to full user functionality – a must.

A decade of proximity seduction.

Baited by the first-hand witnessing of the four (down to three, right now) for-ever trouble-free Apple computers in use over the previous eight years. Salt and peppered by smaller and comparably trouble-free Apple devices finding favour and fans among all ages around the world – Apple ☛ iPhone, ☛ iPad, and ☛ what not. Appetite whetted by the aroma of a single flavour of the Apple PC ☛ operating system compared to the many flavours of the Windows PC OS and the 100% guaranteed compatible stock-standard advanced Apple PC hardware ☛ all-in-one configurations available off the shelf. Hooked by the genuine promise of a consistently stable and emotionally satisfying personal computing experience, truly deserved by everyone, and, yes, measurably worth the dollars. An authentic Windows alternative for the ‘get-things-done-no-messing-around’ enthusiast who is willing to fully appreciate the Apple ☛ ownership experience.


His PC specs are modern including solid-state ☛ drive ( 06.’12 The SSD ☛ Revolution), larger visual display (20″+), and otherwise advancing his existing machine specs – updated to 2012 iteration and expectations. And his existing machine is just a few years young – top of the line Vista certified brand-name portable hardware which is performing flawlessly. Soon to be ready to go to a, welcoming, new home.

And so it begins . .
And So It Begins

“Gandalf the White” from “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (novels and films), for you who have yet to experience any of the writings by author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and any of the motion pictures directed by Sir Peter Robert Jackson

Swinging in to action from the armchair (ahhh, the wonder of the ☛ web) we research Apple ☛ iMac – the favoured (portability no longer a must), but not yet definitely chosen, new Apple hardware configuration. Experience tells us that first we update ourselves on the iMac hardware development status. iMac computer renewal and refresh are overdue and expected any-time now. We watch and wait, patiently, automatically fine-combing the web’s reputed publishing resources for imminent, real and rumored, iMac announcements and any local arrival time-table update by using web☛ware like Google ☛ Reader – a useful resource for funneling selected web-site’s published content, and in this case, specifically about the Apple (iMac) computer news. Surveilling for the coming right moment to strike an uncommon deal. True, your best deal will be on the previous model the days after the newer model is shipping to customers. But he is quite specific – solid-state RAM. That’ll feature large in the iMac refresh.

Mean-time, big, application software decisions need to be decided. Microsoft Office ☛ for mac or ☛ online or ☛ compatible substitute? Any software in use without an Apple OS version or online equivalent or substitute available?

But wait – didn’t we say ☛ software before hardware earlier? Yes, we did. And so we do again – right here. Apple Operating system software first then hardware then application software. Could application software scuttle the dream? Yes, sometimes we aren’t prepared to change enough and so we stay with what we know best – the Windows ☛ eco-system. But can’t we put Windows ☛ on the Apple? Yes, you can. But seriously, why?

Can’t stomach the migration to the Apple ☛ eco-system? Already forgotten the Windows-hurt? Don’t imagine that Apple is that much better value in practice? It’s OK, we get that. I’ve been there too. We’ll miss you over here in the Apple eco-system and we forgive you for not, yet, taking the leap (of imagination). You’re always welcome in Apple-land – wherever you come from. Always. Welcome home dreamer, so very glad you made your way here – system ready.

Will he or won’t he? To be continued . . (with  love)

Mean-while the Apple v Microsoft ongoing, sometimes all-consuming, ☛ debate waxes and wanes, rivalry ebbing and flowing among the well-informed and experienced global user community of Windows and Apple computer makers, owners, buyers, sellers (and the just plain self-opinionated), e.g. herehereherehere, hereherehereherehereherehereand more.

Windows VS Mac: The history from 1983 to 2011

More serious and some humourous Windows versus Mac vids on ☛ Youtube (search).

The History of Computing: Windows vs. Apple ☛ infographic link below .The History Of Computing: Windows vs. Apple ☛ infographic

More Windows ☛ infographics and Apple Mac ☛ infographics for your own time-table.

Final Update 03.’14. No more Lonely Boy :-) Concluding the truthful tale → . .

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