The Power of Oldness

I remember IIWe live in interesting times

and whilst I may be old/aged/mature and a touch grumpy there is a problem when it comes to our children reaching their middle age and cannot find a job because they are ‘too old’.

It is called Age Discrimination.
You’ve may well have come across this before when someone defines your abilities by your age, or assumes you can’t contribute because you’re too young or that you wouldn’t understand because you’re too old. That’s age discrimination, and it’s getting worse.

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Windows 10 on the doorstep

Windows-10Microsoft has announced the availability for their latest operating system – Windows 10 – on July 29, 2015.

Kapiti SeniorNet has advised you already that you need not rush into upgrading your present Windows OS, be it W7 or 8  or 8.1, you have 12 months to get it done. If you are still using an older OS, e.g. XP or Vista then you will be asked to

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A look at the future?

HighBillIf you, like me, open the power bill with some trepidation and wonder how it can be so expensive, then you may also have wondered what is in the wind [no pun intended] to make future power usage a bit easier on the pocket.

It is notoriously difficult to foretell what in the future may be invented or existing ideas brought to fruition. For example no one foresaw the internet, the smartphones or for that matter the fall of the Berlin Wall or today’s use of fracking let alone the effects these events had.

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Newsletter for July 2015



The AGM will be held at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road, on Wednesday 15th July starting at 1.30 pm. Our Guest Speaker is Helene Judge, Principal of Kapiti Business Projects.

 Open Days

Open dayThe successful Open Days on Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th July attracted 32 new members and plenty of enrolments for the Term 3 Courses starting on Monday 20th July. There are still some places available so enroll with Shona, phone 04 905 1643 as soon as possible.

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The third wave in computing

The miniaturization of our computers continues. From the days of a computer occupying a large room and having no more power than a PC of old would you believe you can now have a computer no bigger than a memory stick?

Lenovo – the Chinese company that bought out IBM’s personal computer business – and have been producing desk and laptop computers for a good many years now – have announced

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