Newsletter – May 2015


At a recent Regional Meeting of SeniorNet Learning Centre representative in Levin, Grant Sidaway, the National Executive Officer explained how important sponsors are to SeniorNet in terms of the financial contributions they make to the funding of the operations of SeniorNet.

Westpac Bank is our major sponsor and has provided a workshop on Internet Banking which we will show at a Question and Answer session later in the year.

Noel Leeming Ltd provides the SeniorNet Federation with a small percentage of each sale to SeniorNet members.

Vodafone has agreed to donate 3% of every SeniorNet member’s (Vodafone) phone account if they have the phone numbers on record. We are looking into ways to support this initiative without compromising our member’s personal information. More on this later.

Please support these sponsors when you can, as their contribution to SeniorNet is significant.

Tech Expo

Next Month, SeniorNet Kapiti will be providing workshops for the forthcoming Tech Expo which will be held in the Coastlands Shopping Centre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 18, 19, 20 June. The Tech Expo, organised by the Kapiti Digital Leadership Forum will feature the latest IT systems and equipment for all age groups and businesses. There will be over 20 vendor stands and a series of presentations on a whole range of topics. You will have received details emailed to you earlier so please make a date to come along. Click here to find out more…

Open Days

Two Open days are planned for Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4 July at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road, Raumati South. Please talk to your friends and relatives and let them know the dates so that they can come along to find out how we can help them gain confidence with using computers.

Honorary Membership

The Executive Committee has agreed to recommend to Members at the next Annual General Meeting on July 15th (note the date) that we may appoint members to Honorary Membership in recognition of meritorious service to SeniorNet Kapiti. Details relating to the process will be presented at the AGM.


We currently have over 300 paid up members following the addition of new members and the renewal of annual subscriptions.

Windows 10 is coming

You will note that in the Web site, Thor has given us an update on the progress with Windows 10. Click here for full details on what’s coming to a PC or laptop bear you later this year

Happy Computing



The Internet of Things

internet-of-thingsWhat do you know of the Internet of Things?

Most likely you may not have heard the expression before, yet the term was first documented back in 1999 so not entirely new, and it refers to the connectivity or interconnection of all sorts of embedded devices, systems and services that goes beyond mere machine to machine communication. The important thing is that it is able to interoperate within the existing internet infrastructure.

Well, you say, how does that affect me?

Continue reading

Storing your stuff –Where?

cloud_storageUp to now you may have stored all your documents and worksheets on your hard drive in your computer, or if you use a tablet or smart-phone you may have elected to use one the cloud storage services to overcome the problem of  insufficient storage capacity on your device.

As a member of Kapiti SeniorNet you may have been shown how to use OneDrive, Microsoft’s answer to cloud storage, but there are quite a number of other options well worth taking a look at. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence under the Loup

I remember IIIn his post “Chatting to yourself” the point was made by Thor that Artificial Intelligence was well and truly on the cards for the future and being pursued by most of the large corporation in the technology area and needed watching.

This view is certainly one that is echoed by many of the insiders in the tech world including people like Steve Wozniak [Co-founder of Apple Computers] who said: “Computers are going to take over from humans”, Bill Gates said: “Within a few decades AI will be strong enough to be of concern”, Stephen Hawking [the Physicist] went one further and said: “AI could spell the end of the human race”. Continue reading