Technology in the driver seat

Watching the progress of the building of the Express Way my thoughts went on to the recent acquisition by the traffic boys of all their new radar toys at more millions, all to keep us within the rules of the road.

At the same time the work on driverless cars proceeds at a rapid pace and of course they are pre-programmed to keep to the rules saving us the trouble, and for all we know such cars may already being tested here.



You have  seen pictures of the small Google cars and the Volvo ditto, also Audi and Toyota are working hard on their versions. The latest to join the fray is Tesla with their all electric model S of which some 55000 units have had their software updated enabling them to manage driverless highway driving.


You can see where this is going, the technology will in a few years

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Windows 10 Installation Scam!

For some people, the thought of upgrading to Windows 10 is very enticing and seeing that little white Window down in the Taskbar is very tempting indeed. Scam AlertSadly, there are scammers out there who are praying on people who either feel nervous about doing the upgrade themselves or are just keen to move to Microsoft’s latest Operating System but lack the confidence to get started. Continue reading

Newsletter – August 2015

Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road on Wednesday 15th July with over 30 members present. A very interesting address was given by the Guest Speaker, Helene Judge, the Principal of Kapiti Business Projects.

The new committee elected for the 2015/16 year is:

Chairman:                           Brian Milne

Vice Chairperson:               Teresa Urutia

Secretary:                            Jim Heron

Treasurer:                           David Salter

Immediate Past Chairman: Barry Bailey

Committee:                         Ian McLuckie, Kuini Woolcock, Pat Stephens, Peter Bunkall,                                            Peter Jones, Peter Thomson, Shona Spicer, Veronica Kemp.

A full list of Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities for the new year can be found on our website here.

Windows 10

SeniorNet Kapiti is currently recommending that if you have not already downloaded Windows 10 then you should wait a little longer until you hear from us. There are still constant upgrades and alterations being made to Windows 10 so we feel it’s prudent to wait a while – you have 12 months to accept the free upgrade so there’s no rush!

We are developing a workshop for members to explain Windows 10 and will advise you when it is on.


What a great way to keep up with the latest technology. As with all changes, special workshops are conducted for tutors as they have to know the changes that have taken place to be able to pass them on through the courses that we run. The more tutors we have the better for everyone. A great atmosphere has been created within this group of members so contact Kuini at and come along to the next Tutors Workshop on 3 September at 9:30am.


Have you renewed your subscription for this financial year? If not, then next month’s Newsletter will be the last you hear from us!

You will need a current subscription and membership card to attend the upcoming courses Windows 10, Managing Data, Managing Photos… and what about that new smartphone or tablet you need help with? If you’re coming to any of our workshops you will also need to bring your membership card.


Sponsors 2

Have fun computing

Chairman Brian


Dianne Cooper is keen to sell her Huawai Mobile Broadband Generator. If you are interested give her a call on 904 8636. Full details were in the June Newsletter.

Windows 10 Updates

W10 blue

Some of our members at Kapiti SeniorNet have already installed the new Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft introduced a new policy of automatic updating of W10 rather than leaving it to you to decide when and if to update as in the past, so each update is going to install whether you want it or not.

Protection for the user is of course the reason for the decision by Microsoft to ensure that every W10 OS is as bug free and secure as possible, but a buggy problem has arisen for some users overseas.

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A One Second Fright

Back on June 30th at midnight there were quite a lot of worried people. It even led to the early closing of the Stock Exchanges in USA and Nasdaq – the technology heavy stock exchange – stopped trading at 19.48 [7.48 pm] and closed at 19.55.

The stock exchanges in Australia, Japan and South Korea decided to follow Google and Amazon and deal with the problem differently.

All for the sake of One Second.


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