Windows 10 Upgrade – Our Recommendation

Well, Windows 10 has been “in the wild” for almost 4 months now and we have had plenty of time to observe the effectiveness of the upgrade process. In addition, we have upgraded all the computers in The Learning Centre to Windows 10 without incident so we can now offer our members access to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 for use during our courses. Furthermore Windows 10 has already been installed by over 110 million people worldwide.

We are therefore comfortable to advise our members that it appears to be safe to proceed with the Windows 10 Upgrade being pushed onto your PCs by Microsoft. As an aside, Windows 10 is an impressive improvement on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and contains the best features of both these older operating systems.

There is one caveat to our recommendation though. We have heard reports that some people who earlier upgraded their computers from Vista to Windows 7 are having issues with the subsequent upgrade to Windows 10. If you fall into this category PLEASE make sure you backup all your data before starting the upgrade.

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Newsletter – November 2015


A few spots are left in the Introduction to Computers course starting Mon. 23rd November 9.30 – 12.00 ring Teresa 04 298 3132 to register. This is a free course. A good opportunity to brush up on your skills before Christmas. An extra Managing the Data on your PC course will happen in the first term of the New Year so once again contact Teresa as this course fills fast.


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Can your eyes cope with yet more?

This is for TV addicts, the opportunity to increase your choice of selections of programmes available to fill your idle moments when the phone is quiet, the tablet out of reach and the emails and the updates to facebook on the computer have been dealt with.

You may have heard or read about Chromecast, Airtame or Apple TV, gadgets that can be added to your TV to allow you to stream movies or episodes made for TV and show them on your big screen rather than on the computer or laptop; useful if others would like to see the chosen movie with you.

But what are these gadgets and what do they do?

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