September Newsletter

We are growing! Membership of Kapiti SeniorNet has now passed 280. Our thanks to every one of our supporters. We know that you get real value from attending our various courses and workshops and we trust that you are considering what new skill you will develop in the fourth term which starts on October 13.  Look under Courses…  or Workshops… in the menu above for the full Quarter 4 Course and Workshop programmes.

Open Days

Each September, we hold 2 Open Days to promote SeniorNet Kapiti and next week on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th, we are holding Open Days at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road from 9.30am to 2.00 pm.

Please try to encourage your friends to come along to see what we can offer in the way of computer training. Our tutors will be there to welcome everyone and to explain the various Courses which range from Introduction to Computers to Managing the Data on your Personal Computer and Managing and Editing Your Photos.

The Email course has been reintroduced… be quick to get a place for this one. We also run a series of workshops for iPad and Android tablets and are planning to run workshops for Onedrive, Facebook, Smartphones and Cameras. There is something for everyone keen to learn.

Questions and Answers Session

Thursday 18th at 9.30am at the Learning Centre

This week’s guest speaker is Keith Cooke the Manager of Noel Leeming, Paraparaumu.

How Do I …?

If you have a specific problem then come along and get one-on-one tuition… the next workshop is on  Monday 13th Oct. 2.00 – 3.30.

Happy Computing
Barry Bailey

We of the cyber age

I remember IIReading Dr. Margaret Richardson from the Department of Communications at the University of Waikato’s column on how older people respond to digital communication her research finds it to be a mixed bag with some people finding it a life saver and others see themselves as too old to be bothered.

That does not come as as surprise to members of Kapiti SeniorNet, and like Dr. Robertson SeniorNet promotes the benefits of an inclusive digital society for and among older people.

But what, you may ask, does the future hold for us Seniors in an increasing digital era?

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Don’t read this, unless…

Deutsch: IFA 2010, Berlin

Deutsch: IFA 2010, Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the time of the year when the hair on the head of the Techies quivers with anticipation for all the new cool gadgets to be presented this week in Germany, in Berlin to be exact, at the  IFA exhibition there. There is quite a bit of history attached to the show for it began back in 1924 when it was all about radio, and even the name of the show IFA abbreviated from Internationale FunkAusstellung  (Funk=Radio, Ausstellung=Exhibition) has remained since then.


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Ca-ching, ca-ching, a sound you may not hear for much longer

KaChingA year ago I wrote about the likelihood of us becoming a cashless society and a chequeless one too.

The threat hasn’t gone away, but I wondered if there were newer signs of the impending loss and lo and behold there are.

Two buskers in Seattle, Washington, with a vio...Though cash is still around, have you noticed what is happening to the buskers we used to have plenty of around the shopping centre, not just on paydays or super days, but also to all the various organizations that used to line the doorways into the supermarket with their collection boxes?

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