April 2014 Newsletter

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New Term

The New Term 2 begins on Monday, 5 May and already some of our Courses are full.
We are running an extra What can I do on my PC’ to cope with demand and there are still a few vacancies in our ‘Introduction to Computers‘ Course. The various workshops including How do I …?‘, Q &A, iPad, Android tablets have attracted a lot of members during the first term and I am sure that the demand will continue into Term 2.

To be sure that you can take part in a Term 2 Course, my advice is first to

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Heartbleed–the bug, will it affect you?


By now you have read about the socalled Heartbleed bug which causes significant vulnerability to a number of websites and if infected can let attackers gain access to your password and trick you into using false websites.

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...The known affected sites include Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Tumblr which have announced that the problem on their sites has been fixed, but users should change their passwords. In is yet to be known whether personal data is in any way compromised.

To understand the size of the potential problem

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Backing up a Tablet or a smartphone

backupAhh, you thought you did not have to do a back-up? Well, you should. And not just once a year either.
Backing up your data is not one of the most exhilarating things to do, and for most people not their most desirable task.

But thank goodness, technology to the rescue for it can be done more or less automatically so it won’t take up much of your time.

I have heard the argument that duplicating and storing your data is a waste of time, but protecting your data really is worthwhile for there are only two kinds of computer users: those who have lost data because their machine crashed or those who will, and then your precious photographs, letters, addresses of your contacts and important messages may have gone for good. You could also be infected by some dastardly virus that wipes your data and your system.

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WWW celebrating 25 years

Tim Berners-Lee at a Podcast InterviewImagine, just 25 years since the World Wide Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee came into being. Tim, or more correctly Timothy John Berners-Lee was born in 1955 in London, UK and became a computer scientist and originally proposed the introduction of a management information system in 1989 that could be used to communicate between an HTTP client and server via the internet, basically what we today know as the World Wide Web.

Today he is the much decorated director of the World Wide Web Consortium in Southampton, but back in 1989 he was working at CERN in Switzerland [the ones with the Hadron collider] as a fellow and CERN had the largest Internet node in Europe at the time so Tim managed to put together things like hypertext, internet, multifont text object, and connect it all to the transmission Control Protocol and domain name system and presto you have the WWW.

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G’bye Windows ~ Hello Mac OS!

Concluding the truthful tale of a father (he, his and him) and son’s (I, me and mine) potential computing reconciliation after a dozen years’ difference of opinion including a decade-long back-story featuring epic arguments, heated disagreements, occasional truce, rare admissions, and 11th hour, last-minute cold-feet – where any and all personal detail shall remain permanently private. A mix of fact and indeed personal opinion (mine). An informal (hard-)case study – in (two) pieces.

Windows to Mac ☛ Read the 'G'bye Windows ~ Hello Mac OS!' post

“Herein a life-long Windows user changes his (computing) position.”
The title and intro may be described as overly optimistic by some esteemed readers. As a hybrid outcome is able to be seen as the prevailing situation, for now. Do appreciate the intention remains Apple clear and while the current update is mixed, the imagined, eventual and final, outcome is an Apple only computing future. And so shall we see . . .

And so it came to pass. But was it good?

In the beginning the word came from above, and it was good: Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows? for those among you who would like to refresh themselves, or start afresh.

Finally, Apple refreshed their iMac ☛ offerings. His patience was sorely tested awaiting eventual availability (about one and a half years since the previous iMac hardware update) and then, at last (about another two months) for local delivery.

More about Apple ☛ iMac computers.

Yes, this concluding update is, long, overdue (about two years since the original story ~ Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows?). And about one year since he accepted delivery of his brand new Apple iMac.Thank you for your patience. And so we begin . . to get happy :-)

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March 2014 Newsletter

From the Chair:

Untitled - caption: 'The seat of the chairman ...

It is a delight to welcome the many new members we have had the pleasure of enrolling this month, we hope you’ll enjoy the many opportunities for getting to grips with your computing needs over the coming year.

Moreover our current crop of courses, workshops and Q&A sessions have clearly been to our Members’ liking, with the result that the

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Ready to dump Internet Explorer if you are an XP user?

ie 6 7 8You already know that Microsoft is giving up support for Windows XP operating system from next month, but what you may not know is that if you are also using the IE [Internet Explorer] browser versions IE7 or IE8  on your XP system then you are likewise out of luck with any form of upkeep from Microsoft.

It should be mentioned that both IE7 and IE8 if used on Windows7 or 8 continue to receive fixes for the time being. But if you are an IE6 user – now also more than 12 years old – this version will be retired as from next month, so no more support.

Still determined to stick with XP? At least change browser to either Firefox or Chrome which continue to receive fixes for any bugs showing up.Firefox eats ie

It truly is surprising how many PC users still cling to XP, but understandable, however the Windows7 operating system has taken Chrome logoup the mantle from XP as reliable and well liked, and it is recommend that XP users change to the new W7 or W8 or even Windows 8.1 to get the most from their PC experience.

As always Kapiti SeniorNet Members know where to come for help if needed, so make the change, be safe, be happy.

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Coping with technology changes? Learning in an exciting but challenging time.

Technology is a given

It won’t have escaped your attention that technology is changing rapidly and if you are one of our many new learners, new to the tablet or the laptop or the desktop computer you may already wonder what possessed you to want to learn how to use one of these yourself.

Even if you have been a computer owner over many years you are likely marvelling at the innovative gadgets now on offer, the must-have or can’t-live-without devices, then you recognize that it isn’t just the new hardware one must learn about, but also the

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Is technology running too fast?

Einstein quoteIt is a fact that the technological development has never been faster than it is now, yet the same has been said by every generation since the industrial revolution and every generation has been correct for the development has been faster each time.

Is it a bit of a nightmare? Has the cost to our society become clear to us? Do you have problems following the development or is it now left to an uberclass of technological experts whilst it is over the heads of the rest of us?

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