Please Be Careful Out There!

Do you practice “Safe Computing”? Do you have an up-to-date Anti-Virus programme running on your computer? I hope so and if you don’t then please come to the next How Do I…? Workshop at SeniorNet to find out how to get one installed. Our latest Workshop Timetable is here.

Just as pervasive and often, even more difficult to get rid of, are those programs which slip quietly onto your PC while you’re upgrading your legitimate software. Normally these programs are just plain annoying but they certainly go out of their way to make themselves hard to remove. Nobody really wants this rubbish so here are a few tips on avoiding them in the first place. Continue reading

Another year, a new world

I remember IIChristmas came and went and I notice that as my years roll on that it seems rather more fleeting. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, the atmosphere, the sentiments and the meaning, perhaps one becomes more contemplative with age.

If you are enjoying life as a pensioner then you were born before 1950 and quite likely are in better health than previous generations of a similar age, many of whom were worn out when retired from work, and you may be enjoying an active lifestyle, e.g.  travelling, cultural pursuits and sports.

It has also meant that Continue reading

December Newsletter

2015 Courses

Have you decided which courses you would like to take next year? February will be upon us before we know it. How about one of these;

  • Demystifying Windows 8.1
  • What can I do on the Internet
  • Email using Windows Live Mail
  • Managing the Data on your PC
  • Managing and Editing Photos
  • iPad Basics
  • or just a quick refresher with the Introduction to Computers.

All these courses will be held during the First Term of 2015 plus the Tablet (iPad and Android), How do I…? and Q & A Workshops.

Would you like to join our Tutors group – it’s a great way to keep up with the latest technology?


Make sure that you look over our Web site during the holiday break – find out when the First Term courses are being held and relax with one of the interesting articles prepared just for you.

Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles

Reminder of the Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles 4.30pm to 6.30pm on the 10th Dec. Please wear your name tag if you have one.

Email Address Details

Have you remembered to contact to advise us of your email address? We no longer post information to members – email is the only way we communicate directly with our members. If you are talking to members you know and who have yet to get or share their email address, please try to persuade them to get one and let us know.
NB We NEVER share our member’s email addresses with anyone – they are held solely to keep in contact with our members

Guest Speaker

Grant Sidaway, SeniorNet Federation Executive Officer was our guest speaker at the November Q&A. Grant demonstrated one of technology’s latest gadgets, a 3D printer. An amazing device which most of the audience would have loved to take home to play with.

Rooms Upgrade

We are planning to freshen up our Learning Centre with a fresh coat of paint and a thorough spring clean during the week of 12th to 17th January. If you are available to help please let me know or just turn up you will be most welcome – phone 04 298 8251- email

Thanks to Grey Power

Our thanks to the Kapiti Coast Grey Power Association for the free advertising given to SeniorNet in the Grey Power Shoppers Discount Guide.

Open Days

We are holding Open Days at the Learning Centre on Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th February – not very far away. If you know of friends and relatives who would be interested in finding out more about SeniorNet and its unique learning opportunities please tell them about our Open Days.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.




2015 – Technology 2015, A private view

magic-crystal-ballPolishing the old crystal ball once more brought up plenty of glimpses of what may be on offer in the near future, and if we allow the impact from new electronics in more than just computing devices  to be counted, then it is  quite overwhelming.

Sorting what may be daydreams from the items that will become significant is also a bit of a gamble, many surprises have already come about – not least the volume of Tablets and smartphones, the growth of which has been phenomenal – but there is much more in the bag of goodies.

Continue reading