Newsletter – February 2016

Open Days

Open Days are being held at the Learning Centre from 9.30am on Thursday the 11th and Saturday the 13th Feb. Come along and speak to us regarding which is the best course to suit your needs and sign up on the day. And invite your non-member friends. We will be promoting our Open Days at Coastlands and the Waikanae Library on Tuesday 9th Feb.


Courses being run this term are as follows: Introduction to Computers, Managing the Data on your PC, Managing and Editing Photos, Introduction to Word, Introduction to Internet Banking, Email, What Can I do on the Internet, iPad Basics and Android Tablets for Beginners. Plus the usual workshops: How do I, Q and A, iPad and Android tablet/phones. Two Special Interest Groups have been set up: Apple Mac and Digital Photography if you are interested come along to the open days or phone
Teresa (04) 298 3132.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Win 10 BackgroundHave you upgraded to Windows 10 yet or are you still a little nervous about the process – why not come and discuss it with the experts on the Open Days. We’ve upgraded all the computers in The Learning Centre to Windows 10 without incident so we can now offer our members Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 to use during our courses. We are holding Windows 10 Introduction Courses this term so you can see the Upgrade Process for yourself as well as get some hand’s-on practice with Windows 10 on our Learning Centre PCs. We are also in the process of upgrading all our courses to run on Windows 10.


We are always on the lookout for more tutors so why not contact Kuini at here or come along to one of the open days and discuss with other tutors who will be there.   Neighbourly

We have recently joined as a Community Organization and will be using it to communicate with the wider Kapiti Community. If you haven’t already joined  at why not sign up so you can see what we’re saying to your neighbours about SeniorNet.

For Sale

iPad 2iPad Mini 2, 32GB with retina screen and wifi.

Model #D532X/A.18 months old, white with lime green Apple case completely reset so as new. Includes USB cable and power adaptor with original box. Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. Great condition. Buy now and enroll in the iPad basics course to learn how to use it.

Only $495.00    Contact Vicky:


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Have fun computing

Chairman Brian




MAC ATTACK. True Story. Whatever do you do ? . .

October 2015. An evening, operating system, upgrade from Apple (Mac) OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 to 10.10.5 went well on the internal iMac hard (disk) drive. Until. It. Did. Not. Finishing-up and rebooting into the updated OS failed. Completely. What in the Hey (euphemism) is happening? Longer story shorter, the internal HD isn’t booting, at all. Failure to boot with an eerie silence as the usual HD booting sounds fail to happen. Black screen. Epic fail. Feeling the perspiration begin to rise through my epidermis as the immediate physical response to flee or to stand ground and face down the blooming realities of the catastrophic hardware defection occupy my immediate now. What to do?

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Apple iPad/iPhone Charger Plug Recall

Many of our members have Apple iPhones and iPads (incl iPad Minis) which they use constantly. Without wanting to cause any alarm (because there’s no need for any!), I want to draw your attention to an official recall of the removable plugs from the power adapter. Apparently in a very small number of cases, the international plug adapter component (called a DuckHead) has broken potentially exposing users to electric shock. You can Continue reading

Digital Death

It comes as a shock to many when they realise that the apps and content on their computers and mobile devices are not their property to do with as they wish. This mostly becomes an issue when someone dies and the relatives try and get access to apps, accounts and content.

This story was published in “the”  and was written by Director of UWA Centre for Software Practice, University of Western Australia, and the story is about a Canadian widow who recently tried to get her deceased husband’s Apple ID password from Apple in order to continue using apps on their shared iPad. The widow, Peggy Bush, ended up being told by Apple support that she would need to produce a court order before they would be able to give her access to her husband’s account.
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Reducing Wireless radiation

I remember IIIs there a connection between microwaves and wireless equipment and Autism?

We all know of someone with a child who has a lesser or greater degree of autism, and put it down to bad luck or to genes or DNA.

Now research  from the USA indicates that microwaves from wireless equipment has detrimental effects on the development of our brain and among other things can lead to autism.

We are used to a fair bit of scaremongering, but in this case there does appear to be some serious research behind the results and Professor Martin L. Pall [biochemistry] at the Autism conference in 2015 showed how microwaves can open the cell membrane’s calcium channels causing too much calcium to enter, which in turn leads to added imbalance in the body. Professor Pall points out that this and environmental chemicals which likewise can add to the stream of calcium to the cells may be the cause of development of autism. I understand that children are now born with, on average, almost 300 man-made chemicals in their bodies.

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