Ca-ching, ca-ching, a sound you may not hear for much longer

KaChingA year ago I wrote about the likelihood of us becoming a cashless society and a chequeless one too.

The threat hasn’t gone away, but I wondered if there were newer signs of the impending loss and lo and behold there are.

Two buskers in Seattle, Washington, with a vio...Though cash is still around, have you noticed what is happening to the buskers we used to have plenty of around the shopping centre, not just on paydays or super days, but also to all the various organizations that used to line the doorways into the supermarket with their collection boxes?

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Federation Newsletter July 2014


This is the third edition of Gismoe in 2014.

SeniorNet Fed logoGizmoe will also be posted on from 22nd July.

We have winners!

For the past several months our partner, Vodafone has been running a competition as part of the Scan and Save promotion – Scan your phone bill send it to Vodafone for them to help you save on your overall telecommunications bill. All those who participated automatically went in the draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Smartphone. The winner is Ian Packwood from Auckland. Ian will be presented with his prize later in the month at the Sylvia Park Vodafone store.

In addition Vodafone decided to make another draw, this time from SeniorNet members who recently became a customer of Vodafone. The winner of that draw was Alex Stewart from Dargaville. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Smartphone is on its way to you Alex. Our thanks to Vodafone for being such a generous supporter of SeniorNet.

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Heads to roll and rumours

Satya NadellaAt Kapiti SeniorNet as at all circles interested in computing and technology  much has been talked about the second coming or rather Microsoft’s next iteration of their Windows 8  operating system, the when and the what.

It is by now well known that their new boss Satya Nadella is talking about big changes for the Microsoft organization which could mean anything from introducing a new business model to cutting their cloth to fit a slimmed down model.

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Expectations of our Internet future

InternetThe Internet is indeed an important invention, and the effect it has had on our lives since it first saw daylight has been immense. Because it has become really important to users it is also reasonable to assume that it will face many challenges in the years ahead. What can we reasonably expect to happen to the Internet and are there some consensus out there as to the direction it will take? Well, no actually, there are as many opinions as there are disagreements so here is what I thought of both good and bad in the next decade.

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Newsletter July 2014

July Newsletter from the Chairman

Courses Update
The third term begins on Monday 21 July. We still have a few places available for the Courses. Have a look at the Courses Schedule on the menu above, then contact Teresa on 04 298 3132 to enrol in your selected course/workshop.

David StubbsGuest Speaker – David Stubbs was our guest speaker at our June Q&A. David gave us an interesting insight into his extensive career in IT and illustrated how we can secure specific information by pointing our smart phones at a ‘QR code.’ This is the small square black and white diagram which you see in many printed advertisements. By scanning the ‘QR Code’ with your smart phones you are transferred to the advertiser’s website which you then can see on your smart phone.

Lost property
Lost and found placeMembers regularly leave items behind at our Learning Centre. We have set up a lost property box; please check in there if you have something missing. At the moment we have a scarf, a brand new laptop bag shoulder strap, a spectacle case and a pair of reading glasses. We have also had a ladies coat that has hung around for months.coat seeking owner





Thanks. A very big thank to both Lois Brinck and Erik Thorsing who are retiring from the Committee. Lois has done an excellent job in keeping Tutors informed at her monthly Tutors Meetings and she has made sure that there are Tutors and Assistant Tutors available for all Courses during each term. Lois will still continue as a Tutor.Erik has filled 2 roles during his term on the Committee. He has been a very efficient Treasurer, and as our Webmaster, he has kept us well-informed from his extensive surfing the net for very useful articles, tips and trends.To Lois and to Erik we have certainly valued you contribution to the workings of SeniotNet Kapiti. Thank you

  • Don’t forget the Regular Workshops including  How do I ..?, Q&A, iPad and Android . Come along, you will always learn something new, guaranteed.

And remember to consult the website for the dates and times for everything we offer.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is on Wednesday 16 July at the Learning Centre starting at 1.30pm
Happy computing.

To rule the world or not, that is the question

Google got a new PR department

And quite a question it is. It is a question that Google is now seriously asking itself. Their stated goal of reaching 5 billion people in the world out of the 7 billion people estimated to be the world’s population with their Android operating system may seem farfetched, but perhaps not.
So far Google has reached more than 1 billion users, and Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the World thanks to the many manufacturers using android as the operating system in  their products.

Google software is what is called open source, which means that developers are free to develop the software further, using the original Google designed Android platform. This is the case for all open source type software as e.g. LibreOffice, an office suite of programmes, or Linux, a computer operating system, and for Google it has been successful with approx. 80% of the all smartphones made and sold running on an Android operating system.

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Taking your phone overseas?

smartphones1A friend of mine, recently retired, is planning an overseas holiday and was wondering what the best way of staying in touch with the family and business interest were that would not send him into bankruptcy. Having read some of the stories coming out in the paper of horrendous bills incurred when ‘roaming’ on the mobile phone overseas, it was a good question and one not that easy to give a straight answer to.

That is because where you are going and for how long you plan to stay in one country is quite important for finding the better affordable solution, and each phone connection provider has its own plan which in turn may depend on the contract or plan you have with the provider.

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June 2014 Newsletter

June Newsletter from the Chairman

Courses Update
Introduction to Computers – we still have places for this course starting Wednesday 18th June. Tell your friends, this is the ideal course for beginners.

No Shows –  if you have signed up for a Course, but find out at the last moment that you are unable to attend a session, please phone the Learning Centre 04 299 0754 and leave a message. If we don’t know that you are not attending, we often delay the start expecting that you might be late.

Travelling from Waikanae to the Learning Centre – No car? Kuini Woolcock has the answer.

She takes the 9.00am train from Waikanae to Paraparaumu station where she boards the Number 250 bus. She then gets off at the bus stop on Raumati Road, just round the corner from Matai Road and then she walks along Matai Road to the Learning Centre. Kuini has proved that it is possible to get there on time for the 9.30am start for the course.

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Microsoft fixes 66 flaws in IE, Windows and Office plus updates Surface 2 and Surface Pro

If you are still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 to 11 running on Windows desktop computers then 59 vulnerabilities will be fixed with the patch due out this coming week.

Windows Vista wallpaper (by Microsoft)Some are rated critical for Vista and important for Office 2007 and Office 2010 and others are important for users of server software and another fixes a vulnerability in Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 in particular circumstances.

When you receive the update be sure to install it to maintain the protection of your computer from malicious websites.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has taken the opportunity to to update the Surface 2 and Surface Pro firmwares as well.

Safe Computing!